Drawing 10/19/2014

Drawing 10/18/2014

Drawing 10/17/2014

Having a good time with a lovely gift from my friend. http://www.facebook.com/artHwanLee http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 10/16/2014

Drawing 10/15/2014

Listening to one of my favorite songs of Youn Sun Nah. Follow me on: Web page: http://www.hwanlee.com About me: http://about.me/hwanlee Twitter :  http://twitter.com/artHwanLee Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artHwanLee Shop:       http://society6.com/arthwanlee

Drawing 10/14/2014

Drawing 10/13/2014

Drawing 10/12/2014

Drawing 10/11/2014

Drawing 10/10/2014