Drawing 03/04/2015

Drawing Waiting for my flight to Korea at Narita airport. Hello again Korea! 03/04/2015 http://hwanlee.com  

Drawing 03/03/2015

Drawing My neighbor fatty grey cat. 03/03/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 03/02/2015

Drawing This big boy waiting for his owner at a store. 03/02/2015 http://hwanlee.com  

Drawing 03/01/2015

Drawing Myo is here! 03/01/2015 http://hwanlee.com 

DRAWING 02/28/2015

Drawing After weekend date out, watching my husband play games with beer and cheese cake at home sweet home. What an awesome Saturday night! :) 02/28/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 02/27/2015

Drawing On a nearly empty train. Going back home… 02/27/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 02/26/2015

Drawing If you want to play, charge the controller! 02/26/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 02/25/2015

Drawing A bird under citron trees. 02/25/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 02/24/2015

Drawing Night on a street in my neighborhood. 02/24/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 02/23/2015

Drawing Fish at a store. Waiting for a new family. 02/23/2015 http://hwanlee.com