Drawing 03/30/2015

Drawing My dog waiting for me to come out from the bathroom. 03/30/2015  http://hwanlee.com watch video

Drawing 03/29/2015

Drawing A lonely seagull at Hanriver Seoul Korea. 03/29/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Sleeping dog

Sleeping after a walk.  http://hwanlee.com   

Drawing 03/28/2015

Drawing Taking a nap with my dog. 03/28/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 03/27/2015

Drawing Watching a movie at home. 03/27/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Mom & Sister

Drawing with Snote. My mom and sister sleeping in a car .  

Drawing 03/26/2015

Drawing My dad driving.  Going back to Seoul. 03/26/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 03/25/2015

Drawing A mermaid statue at  Dongbaekseom island in Busan Korea. I remember taking a picture with this mermaid about 20years ago. Even though the statue has been changed it is good to be… Continue reading

Drawing 03/24/2015

Drawing Sunset in Seoul Korea. 03/24/2015 http://hwanlee.com

Drawing 03/23/2015

Drawing Feet. 03/23/2015 http://hwanlee.com